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What We Are Loving This Spring

Spring always brings forward that feeling of true renewal. It seemed only fitting to align the season start with some refreshing newness to our space. We have filled our shelves with some of our Founders favourite products. Here is what we are loving this Spring. 1. Calm Mood Mist by Cardea Auset. It’s no secret that Jen + Tay are good pals of mine and it’s no secret my love for some calm. Calm Mood Mist has been my saving grace for the past year. It’s my mid-day spritz that recenters me + pre-bed spritz to put me to rest. PS - our new elixir, Calm Down, is inspired by Calm’s scent and feel. It’s lavender and chamomile powder blended with our Comfort Grey tea leaves topped with lavender buds and cornflowers. - 2. Forma Viridi by eluo. It doesn’t get more luxurious than this facial polish. It goes on so smooth, and instantly slows my breath. Like our brand, eluo is all about mindful rituals, the power of slowing down. - 3. Take Care by Living Apothecary. Our nervous systems have been put to the ultimate test. These lockdowns feel like the most toxic relationship - the ups and downs - a complete roller coaster. Take Care targets our nervous system - nourishes it, supports it, strengthens it. - 4. vibe by maude. Like our nervous system, our mental health has also been tried. Maude has changed the dialogue within sexual wellness and has a mission to make intimacy better for all people. Something we all could use right now during a time where intimacy is so craved. Whether that’s intimacy with yourself or with your partner. I can’t recommend it enough. - 5. The Oil by Nucifera. If there is one product for all the uses - this is it. The subtle, clean scent that it provides is one I crave when I get out of the tub. For use from head to toe - including your hair; this product has quickly become my absolute favorite and must-have. - 6. Cold Process Soaps by Wild Lather. If you’ve popped into the space for a visit or a pick-up, the scent of these soaps will have you craving more - yes, even with a mask on. During a time where we crave travel so much, these soaps will take you elsewhere. My personal favorite is 12 Apostles which is inspired by Australia’s Great Ocean Road. - 7. Maggie Rogers Radio. When I’m working behind the bar, I almost always have Maggie Rogers playing. This playlist puts me in the best mood - with Bahamas, Mt. Joy, Kacey Musgraves and Leon Bridges. I dare you to not feel good listening to this radio. - 8. Sea Buckthorn + Camellia Facial Serum by Garden City Essentials. A literal essential. This serum is used exclusively in our facial acupuncture visits. It is one of the most loved products by our patients, who swear by it. This serum has been part of my nightly routine for many months, and when I strayed for a short time, I not only saw the difference, I felt the difference. - 9. Facial Acupuncture by Dr. Danielle Commisso. The ultimate feel-good visit. Our bodies have been so stagnant this past winter. For me, this stagnation is always reflected in my skin. From feeling the tightness of the needles, deep diving into a DI by Lacy Phillips, and finishing with a facial massage with our favourite facial tools. It is truly one of the most restorative 45 minutes. - All of the above items are available at Living Apothecary. You can shop online here for pick-up only (we won't be shipping any of our new products!) or stop by 31 James St. We are incredibly grateful to remain open during lockdown 3.0.