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tulsi, nettle, red clover, dandelion, hibiscus

Detoxify is a mineral rich tea tonic meant to detoxify and cleanse gently enough for everyday use. The botanicals within this tea blend will assist our natural detoxification pathways to remove any built up impurities from our everyday living. Leaving you with a renewed energy and clear mind. 


feels: renewed, refreshed, realigned
tastes: earthy, honey, tart 

This blend is an herbal tea also known as an herbal infusion. Made from dried leaves, flowers and fruits of differing plants. It is 100% caffeine free and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 


Benefits of Detoxify

Holy Basil (Tulsi): high in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron and chlorophyll - these vitamins and minerals will work at reducing oxidative stress 

Dandelion Root: will work gently at the liver, unblocking and supporting its pathways

Red Clover: traditionally known as a blood purifier, red clover helps to rid of any excess fluid that may be bogging us down

Notes from our Naturopath 

‘I’m not big into detoxes or cleanses, as I truly believe our body does a good job at naturally detoxing us every single day. The way I approach Detoxify is to add support to our natural detox pathways. I find when my stress is elevated, my detox pathways take a hit. Opening and supporting them keeps my body in flow and I always lean into a cup of Detoxify.’

*These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. It does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please see your trusted healthcare provider.




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thank you!

I'm not really a tea person but have bought herbal teas in the past to try and transition in to the tea life...but it never sticks. I received a canister of this tea in the Jlly Box and have been drinking it almost daily for the past few months and will be rebuying when I'm all out. It's delicious and I look forward to it daily.


Taste delicious

Chris Falloon

Still hasn’t been delivered

Anna Pecchia
Awesome tea

Really happy with my purchases I love the tea can’t wait to try all of them

Michael Pytyck
Awesome Tea

Love the subtle flavor. Its strong but not overwhelming to any taste buds. I find lots of Herbal teas over powering in a distinct flavor and often use products like nuts or chocolate or fruit. The flavors I have had from Apothecary have been all done with stems leaves and buds. They are beautifully crafted teas. Thank you