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Key Ingredients

Red Raspberry is used to strengthen and tone the uterus which will work to reduce any menstrual cramping. Red raspberry is a rich source of iron, which helps to replenish us during our cycles. 

Lemon Balm considered a cooling nervine, this herb has been used for its nervine action for centuries. Soothing anxiety and nervousness. It really is a gentle feel good kind of botanical. 

Schisandra a berry that we all need to be introduced to. Targeting any long term mental and emotional stress we may be experiencing. Known for its adaptogenic actions, it will help normalize our cortisol levels. Allowing us to ‘react’ less to stressful situation and thrive in a calm, focused way of living.

Chasteberry primarily known as 'woman's herb' it is one of the most common botanicals used for menstrual irregularities. Targeting painful periods and irregularities in our cycles.