Naturopathic medicine


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the process

Let's get to know you.

We take our time together to really get to know you. From a complete history, lifestyle and creating health goals.

Treat the root cause.

We run the diagnostic testing that other doctors typically won't run. With targeted treatment plans to transform your health.

Long-term healing.

We create treatment for the whole-body, ensuring long-term healing.

areas of focus

Fertility + Pregnancy

Treatment plans to support your reproductive health; no matter where you are in your journey

Mental Health

Reconnecting your mind + body to balance your nervous system response to stressors

Digestive Health

With advanced diagnostic testing to heal any long-standing concerns

Inflammation + Autoimmune

Testing, treating + rebalancing your health to reduce any pain and symptoms

Hormonal Health

Investigating + optimizing common hormonal imbalances

Unsure, but Not Well

Optimizing your health through testing and gaining a better understanding of your body & health

Feel like You Again

We work to get to the root cause through taking the time to get to you know you, running the diagnostic testing and setting you up for long-term healing