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Thank you for participating in Living Apothecary Wellness’s Offer Referral Program (the “Program”). The Program allows users/clients (the “Users”) to share an offer (the “Offer”) by using a code that Users can share with their friends (the “Friends”). Subject to these Offer Terms, and as described below, Users and Friends will be able to obtain an online code (the “Reward”) that they can redeem with Living Apothecary Wellness.

By participating in the Program, you, as a User or Friend, as the case may be (collectively “You”), agree to enter into these Offer Terms with Living Apothecary Wellness. Your participation in the Program is also subject t your consent to be bound by the Program Terms of Service. 

Subject to these Offer Terms and any other terms described in the offer page, the personalized code that Users share with their Friends will allow their Friends to obtain Rewards that they can redeem with their first visit with Living Apothecary Wellness (a “Qualifying Purchase”). A Qualifying Purchase may be subject to a minimum spend. When a Friend uses an active personalized code to make his or her Qualifying Purchase with Living Apothecary Wellness, the User who referred that Friend will earn their own Reward that the User can use on future visits with Living Apothecary Wellness. 

To qualify for a Reward, the Friend must be a new to Living Apothecary Wellness, but there is no requirement that the User be new to Living Apothecary Wellness. 

Rewards will be applied to your account after completion of the Qualifying Purchase and after approval of Living Apothecary Wellness, in its sole discretion. Users may earn only one (1) Reward per Friend, regardless of the number of visits that his or her Friends have. Rewards cannot be combined with other discount codes in single order. 

To receive multiple Rewards, Users must introduce multiple Friends who make a Qualifying Purchase using the Users discount code. The User cannot refer him or herself to earn a Reward. When sharing Rewards, Users must tell their Friends that Users will receive a reward from Living Apothecary Wellness if they make a Qualifying Purchase with Living Apothecary Wellness. 

Living Apothecary Wellness, in its sole discretion, may impose limits on how many Offers may be shared by a User, as well as how frequently those Offers can be made, and Rewards may not be given if those limits are exceeded. 

Living Apothecary Wellness reserves the right to refuse to issue or redeem a Reward to Users or Friends at any time. Further, Living Apothecary Wellness reserves the right, in its sole discretion to (i) vary any and all elements of an Offer at any time without notice to You and (ii) to prevent any individual from participating in this or future promotions. An Offer cannot be applied to previous visits and is not redeemable for cash. You understand that although You initially participated in an Offer as a Friend, You will be considered a User if You share a personalized link with your own friends. 

You understand and agree that these Offer Terms are solely between You and Living Apothecary Wellness.