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Key Ingredients

Tulsi with an abundance of health supportive properties, it is most well known for nourishing the body, mind and spirit by balancing and resisting stress. Through its adaptogenic properties, it can bring your body back to balance when you feel its gone off track

Nettle known to be the quintessential nourishing herb; used to nourish, support, and energize the body. In this blend it is being used as an alterative, as it purifies the blood by assisting the body to remove any metabolic waste

Red Clover is traditionally known as an alterative and primarily used as a detoxifying botanical. Working with our lymphatics + circulatory system to remove any impurities that have built up in our tissues, it is often referred to as a ‘blood purifier’. Having only a mild effect on our liver, that when combined with dandelion root it’s detoxifying effects on the liver are enhanced

Dandelion Root is used to improve liver function by supporting the removal of any toxins. It is praised by herbalists in being one of the best liver tonics. In TCM, dandelion root is used to reduce fire and eliminate stagnation from the liver