The Power of Plants

Inspired by a whole-body approach to healing, we set out to reimagine this approach to health and wellness.

Living Apothecary combines the power of plants alongside the mindful ritual it provides. A lifestyle that is meant to slow us down and provide a level of deeper healing. 

After embracing the power of plants on her own personal journey, Kara always returns to the power that plants are able to provide. From tea infusions to tinctures, there is always a space and need to utilize their power in our day to day. 

Living Apothecary is rooted in our time spent abroad. Where within the home compound, families would tend to their ‘living apothecary’. Their garden of living herbs and botanicals used to help treat differing ailments. 

The Connection to Health

Our products are naturopath-formulated by our Founder. Meaning, they are thoughtfully created based on the science to ensure they work. Following a traditional method, we create and blend our products based on not only their individual properties but also how they synergestically work with others. 

Our products have no unnecessary ingredients to interrupt this process. They contain just plants. 

Our Founder

Meet Kara

Kara is a practicing and leading Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Living Apothecary.

She believes in the innate power of healing. Supporting her patients on their journey to finding their most authentic self.

Karas focus remains in clinically investigating any underlying factors of chronic illness. Providing a customized plan for hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, digestive disorders and nervous system dysregulation.

Kara strongly believes in the innate nature of the body and is uniquely skilled at finding the root cause. This approach is different from your standard care.

Utilizing diagnostic testing and in-depth analysis to transform your health. Providing extensive, individualized treatment plans.

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