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About Living Apothecary


Rooted in traditional practices and expanded in modern rituals. Our teas are meant to provide a moment of stillness in your day with a cup of botanicals that keep you grounded.  


Founded in 2017, Living Apothecary has been committed to making loose leaf tea your new favourite ritual. With tea blends that are purposefully formulated that encourage you to be still, to reset and shift your day by keeping you grounded among the modern noises.


What makes Living Apothecary different is in the quality of our ingredients and formulations. We only use organic botanicals and tea leaves. The blends are formulated with just plants by a practicing Naturopath. No added sweeteners or additives. Just plants. We know you’ll feel the benefits. From the moment you prepare your cup to sipping to the shift you’ll carry throughout your day.


Keeping our practice within business, as sustainable as we possibly can, is a big deal for us. Here's a few ways we stay sustainable:

~ we encourage the reuse of your jars by offering refills

~ each bulk bag refill is sent to you using compostable kraft bags

A note from the founder

For so many years I had struggled with anxiety. Constantly concerned about what my next steps would be. I found myself going back to school to study Naturopathic Medicine at 26. Living on my own in downtown Toronto brought my struggle with anxiety and burnout to the next level.

It was the constant need of searching for what was the ‘right’ decision. Mixed with a little bit of what others would think of my choices. It was the constant need of fulfillment that the modern lifestyle had instilled onto me. I just never knew what that fulfillment was supposed to be.

During this time, I had found yoga and botanical medicine. It was in these moments of stillness, that brought me peace and kept me grounded. It was profound. I was making myself herbal tea blends to help with my anxiety, burnout and insomnia. These moments of stillness combined with the properties of the botanicals, shifted me into the space I always was meant to be in.

Living Apothecary came to life as a true extension of my own personal journey in finding myself in stillness and in plants. It’s about taking a moment for yourself, whether that’s 2 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. It’s about the time spent with ourselves where we can get back into ourselves.

Now as a small business and wellness space, I hope to continually share the power of stillness and plants. Whether that is during our naturopathic or acupuncture visits or simply through the blends themselves.

I believe that this is what I have been constantly searching for. Sharing my blends + practice and seeing the shift in others gives me the ultimate fulfillment.


-Kara x