The Trio — Digest x Cleanse x Restore

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ginger, peppermint, fennel seed, licorice root, marshmallow root

We believe health begins in the gut. This therapeutic blend is formulated to reduce bloating and optimize digestion while supporting and eliminating any inflammation to the digestive system. 

pouch — net wt 60g / ~40 serves of loose leaf tea


red clover, holy basil, hibiscus, dandelion root, nettle

The botanicals within this tea blend will assist our natural detoxification pathways to remove any built up impurities from our everyday living, leaving you with a renewed energy and clear mind.

pouch — net wt 60g / ~40 serves of loose leaf tea


oatstraw, chamomile, lavender, schisandra

Lessen your reaction to stressors with nourishing your nervous system. A therapeutic blend formulated to calm the nervous system while strengthening our resilience against stress. Recommended to enjoy throughout the day or can be enjoyed before bed. 

pouch — net wt 50g / ~40 serves of loose leaf tea