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jasmine green, rose

Same name. Same formula. A green tea infused with the natural fragrance of fresh jasmine blossoms. Leaving us with a perfectly balanced floral green tea. Made only with certified organic green tea leaves.

Fresh jasmine blossoms are picked + layered among the drying green tea leaves. As the jasmine blossoms open, they infuse the green tea leaves with their exotic aroma.

pouch — net wt 70g / ~40 serves of loose leaf tea
bulk — net wt 250g / ~120 serves of loose leaf tea

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Jasmine Green


Add 1-2 tsp of loose leaf tea to your favorite strainer. Heat water to just before boiling, pour over herbs. Steep for 3-5 minutes. Re-steep when needed.

Jasmine Green: Packed with powerful polyphenols aka antioxidants. Keeping you energized with improved short term memory. The caffeine in this tea will enhance brain activity and release mood-improving, feel-good neurotransmitters