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Your Favourite Tea Blends in Glass Homes

by Living Apothecary Tea Co. Admin |

Ensuring that my practices within my business were as sustainable as possible was always a huge goal. Being at a point now, where I’m able to offer my loose leaf teas in glass jars – is a huge milestone for me.

Choosing the right color + glass + shape was, let me tell you, the most difficult part. I had samples coming in from all over North America. Quotes from Europe. I, without exaggeration, spent 100s upon 100s of hours googling; ‘glass amber jars’ ‘glass wide mouth amber jars’ ‘amber glass jars’. It was leaving me frustrated most days, but through my own personal journey, I knew that when the right jar would appear, it would appear.

It had to be amber, because storing tea is very important. Amber glass is able to filter out any UV light. Which allows our tea blends to be stored for a longer period of time without damage.

It had to be glass. To be encouraged to be re-used endlessly. In as well, I am in the process of sourcing compostable kraft bags that will allow for re-fills.  

It had to be aesthetically beautiful. As much as I do love our kraft bags, they are easy to tuck away. When the top is ripped, I don’t LOVE the way they look. Having a beautiful amber jar that is able to add beauty to your space, was always a goal of mine.

Creating the ritual around having healing cup of organic loose leaf tea is meant to be a beautiful process. A connection to our ourselves + plant medicine. Having the gentle reminder that it’s time to slow down each time you see our jars, is the perfect way to ensure you’re reconnecting to yourself.