Well Woman Series. Dr. Nastasia Irons, Naturopath + Spin Instructor

Well Woman Series. Dr. Nastasia Irons, Naturopath + Spin Instructor

When I first launched Living Apothecary, there was always this idea of having a ‘well woman’ series. Where I’d sit with women who I completely admire over tea, and ask them how they are balancing their thriving lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur and a woman, I myself find it difficult at times to keep that balance. This, I know, many other women can resonate with. Some weeks we are hitting the gym, making those smoothies while others we may indulge in too many glasses of wine, eating take out because we didn’t have time to meal prep or even grocery shop. This is real life.

Being a well woman to me is living in complete sync with our lifestyle. The ebbs and flows we all go through and embracing them. This series will highlight the women I admire and who truly embrace this modern lifestyle.

I truly can’t wait to share my first well woman of the series. Even as a naturopath, I have a naturopath. Dr. Nastasia Irons. To me, Nastasia or Staz, embodies being a well woman. She’s real, lives honestly and flows with her lifestyle in complete ease. We chatted all about how she keeps the balance in being a busy naturopath AND spin instructor.

What’s the 1st thing you do when you get out of bed? 

Wake up and dry brush my face while walking over to the kettle. I grind beans in my Vitamix and then make a French press or bullet coffee to start the day. Then I go back to my room, put on my lulus and a hat and I walk to 6ix cycle to teach spin! (or take a class!) 


What’s your nightly routine look like? 

I love coming home from work, making dinner and lots of snacks and then watching a good crime drama on Netflix. Usually accompanied by a lot of peanut butter. Another option is to draw a bath, add in some Epsom salts and essential oils, pour a glass of sparkling wine or water (depending on the night) and lighting a few candles. Before I get to bed, I cleanse my face with an oil cleanser, apply serum and massage it into my skin, and kiss my cat Clover goodnight. 


What does self-care mean to you and what are some rituals you lean into?  

Self care is so incredibly important – as a Naturopath and teacher I spend a lot of time talking to my patients and students, giving them space and energy for most of the day. This is why it is so important to take time for myself too so that I don't burn out or lose patience.

I think the best thing I started this year was to join a sweat community. Working out with friends is so motivating, and can really help build self-esteem, confidence and grow your support network. 

Another thing I love to do is plan friend dates – go to a cozy bistro, or try out a new wine bar, maybe go to a Tiff film – something or somewhere you've wanted to go – just go for it. These little outings can help you connect with the city you live in, and can be just as much fun as a vacation. I'm currently obsessed with the restaurant Chantecler – they have half priced bottles and buck a shuck on Tuesday nights – the perfect post work date vibe.  


 What woman (or women) is inspiring you right now?  

Amber Joliat – from Misfit studio, is an incredible woman. She embodies feminine energy, strength, self love and balance. I aspire to be more like her on a daily basis. 

Julie Clark – owner of Province Apothecary – passionate about sharing green beauty/health education to all and making it accessible. I see her drive and commitment to growing her business on a daily basis and despite being one seriously busy woman, she makes time for everyone, and is incredible generous and kind. 

Julie Harrish – owner of 6ix Cycle – most people know how much I talk about spin – well this place changed my life and taught me inner strength like I have never known. It wouldn't have been possible without this woman. She pushes people to be their best self on a daily basis, and is passionate about growing a community of like-minded, cardio loving, donut eating bffs.  

Juliette Irons – my sister. A never-ending source of support, courage, and role model of independence. She is crazy talented and driven to pursue her goals. She has always been there to support me and others without judgement. A strong woman and musical badass.  


You can find Dr. Nastasia here in Toronto at Province Apothecary + on the bike at 6ix Cycle.

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