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Tea Highlight: Radiance

by Living Apothecary Tea Co. Admin |

This is a blend that took me some time create. Skincare became vital to me around the time I experienced a dog bite to the face. Healing from this accident was at the forefront of my mind for a full year, the length of time my plastic surgeon told me the healing would take.

I had 30+ stitches in my face. In complete devastation that these scars will be visible for the rest of my life kept me up at night. A constant reminder. But, with healing I shifted this thought process. These scars now represent strength. They are part of my story.

As much as healing the external became, healing internally was just as vital. My supplementation protocol at the time was strong. Lots and lots of vitamin C along with A, E and zinc. Increasing the amount of antioxidants I consumed was so important to me. I was running stressed at the time; it was winter in Toronto – these factors would hinder my healing.


So, as I did, I leaned into botanicals. Keeping hydrated was also a vital part of the process, keeping hydrated with an infusion that provided all the vitamins + minerals I was looking for, only made sense.


In addition to receiving facial acupuncture treatments, creating Radiance was a beautiful journey.

From hibiscus aka the plant botox to nettle, oatstraw and rooibos. Plants that carried the most nutrients in regards to the vitamins and minerals that my skin needed. I decided to add a small amount of dandelion root for some liver support. Taste testing became one of the best parts - from simple infusions to true infusions, the flavour of this blend was new and earthy, thanks to rooibos. 


Now Radiance has become part of my skincare ritual. From steeping a cup to enjoy to making ice cubes for after-sun care. This tea is a powerhouse of nutrients.