Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

Spring: The Season for Renewal

Spring is often seen as a season for renewal, hope and transformation. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, the air is feeling warmer and plants are starting to sprout. The spring equinox symbolizes a rebirth and provides us with a fresh start. A chance to focus on our health and get our bodies flowing again. Our body’s become stagnant over Winter, and even more so this past year. This stagnancy reflects in our organ systems. Spring is about opening all those channels to allow flow, renewal and opening ourselves up for growth.


How are we focusing on renewal this Spring ?


Spend time in nature & breathe in the fresh air: Whether it’s a walk around the block, a hike in the forest or yoga in your backyard; breathing in fresh air and soaking in safe amounts of sun can help you feel renewed and revitalized. If you can’t get outside, open the windows and let the fresh air come to you.

Try some mind-body activities: activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation or any mindfulness practices are a great way to increase your energy and get your mind and body in flow. 

Begin something completely new: as we are focusing on renewal and new beginnings, try something new that you’ve always wanted to try but kept telling yourself you never had time for. Even something small can make a big change in your energy and mindset. 

Simplify your life by slowing down: although it may seem as if life is moving faster than we can keep up, slowing down and reevaluating our commitments, routines and values is a great way to create  a fresh start in spring.

Support your lymphatic system: this system is critical for your body as it helps fight off infections. If you are ill or exposed to a lot of toxins, your lymphatic system may become clogged or backed up. This is the case if you’ve ever noticed swollen lymph nodes when you have a cold. 

  • Dry brushing: It is thought that dry brushing aids in releasing toxins from the body through sweat. The brush bristles stimulate and open up pores, making it easier for the body to sweat, thus decreasing the quantity of toxins flowing through the lymphatic system. Try adding a dry brushing routine for a few minutes before your shower.  
  • Hydrate with water: dehydration is a very common cause of lymph congestion. If you want your body and lymphatic system to be optimally flowing, water is going to be your best friend. Keeping the body hydrated is important for many other systems of the body too. 
  • Hydrotherapy: when exposed to cold water you lymphatic vessels contract. When exposed to hot water the opposite occurs, your lymphatic vessels dilate. This technique of alternating hot and cold water in the shower (for 90 seconds or up to a few minutes at a time) helps move stagnant lymphatic fluid, improve circulation and boost immune function. Make sure to end your hydrotherapy with cold water in the morning!
  • Move your body: Your lymphatic system heavily relies on your muscles moving for its circulation. Sitting for long periods allows stagnation to build up and the system to become clogged up. Your lymphatic system may become extra sluggish over the winter with long days of sitting indoors. As spring begins, try to add movement into your daily routine. Even a quick walk or stretch can make a difference.


We encourage you to incorporate some of the above for your renewal this Spring. Happy Spring Equinox!

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