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All There Is To Know About Facial Acupuncture

by Living Apothecary Tea Co. Admin |

Facial acupuncture has been one of our most popular offerings since opening, for good reason. Acupuncture has been used for centuries as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment.

Facial acupuncture works a bit different than it would for body acupuncture. When we insert tiny needles into the face, we cause a regeneration of the skin. This is through causing micro traumas and eliciting a healing response. Promoting the production of collagen and elastin, which are the key building blocks of the skin that deplete with age.

Results of course vary from person to person, but what you will feel and see following is a version of your most radiant self. Not only will you see instant results of glowing skin, but your body as a whole will feel lighter, calmer.

Now who will benefit from this treatment? Truly everyone will benefit from this treatment. It is an incredibly relaxing and restorative treatment. From reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness, lifting your eyelids and cheeks. At 21 we start to lose elastin in our skin, this is a great preventative treatment.

We strongly believe the body, mind and spirit are all connected, facial acupuncture goes deeper than the skin.

What does a treatment with Dr. Danielle look like?

During your first visit with Dr. Danielle a full health history is taken – focusing on those aspects that we see reflected in the skin. Stress, diet and environmental factors. An evaluation of your skin is also taken and then treatment begins.

Each treatment involves the insertion of tiny acupuncture needles to your face and body. You will barely feel them (we promise). You are then left with soothing meditative music for 20 minutes while the needles work their magic.

After 20 minutes, your needles are slowly removed and a relaxing facial treatment begins. Using Garden City Essentials toner + serum and tools such as gua sha, cupping and rose quartz rolling. You’re left feeling your best, radiant self.


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